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Main Street Galleria is...

a store to find a thoughtful and meaningful gift for a special person.


Main Street Galleria is...

a personal designer to create a framed piece destined to become a prized family heirloom.


Main Street Galleria is...

a place to connect with a new set of visionary artists from the Upper Midwest/Twin Cities.


Main Street Galleria is...

Alyssa, Molly, Jackie, Fong and John.  We're team MainStreetGalleria

established 1998

Custom Framing

Family.    Honors.    History.


※ Deluxe Mats ※ Special Papers ※ Foil Stamps ※
※ UV Glass ※ Cut-outs ※ Engraving ※
※ Shadowbox ※ Dry Mounts ※ V-Groove Cuts ※
※ Embossing ※ Etching ※ Ambient Lights ※
※ Medals  ※ Multimedia  ※ Fabrics


Protect and Preserve Your Memories.

Family History.

Proudly Display Your Life's BIG Moments...
and Your Childrens', too!



Major Achievements

 Certificates & Awards.

We can help you create a piece that will accentuate,
protect and preserve your favorite memorabilia,
diploma, certificates, medallions, degrees,
aged & restored photos and family documents.

We'll craft your future heirlooms using the finest natural materials.
All components sourced and hand built in the USA.


Puzzled about how to protect and display your special 'you name it'.
We'll know how to build the right frame for it.


Display your colors - We'll professionally frame your Sports Jerseys!


We've been hand crafting frames for 22 years.
Quality, integrity and value are our guiding principles.

Our satisfied customers include, our family and friends - of course,
but also, thousands of folks around the globe, including
hundreds of C-level Fortune 1000 executives,
some world leaders, celebrities and local 'heroes and heroines'
who proudly display our handcrafted works.


Gifts they'll remember.      Gifts they'll use.
Gifts they'll treasure.


Thoughtful Notions and Personalized Gifts for ...
Special Guests
Office Mates  &  Executives
Exceptional Customers
Rising & Retiring Stars
Girlfriends & Boyfriends

We create personalized framed awards, certificates, recognitions, announcements for any and all memorable and auspicious occasions.



Local Artisans ※ Limited Editions ※ Giclee Prints

Old & New Media

 Watercolor ※ Oil ※ Canvas ※ Metal ※ Glass ※ Wood ※ Photography ※ Video


Digital Frames

Decorate with Photos & Videos

Inform with Impact!

presenting...Desktop / Cabinet / Wall-sized 
Digital Video  &  
WiFi Photo Frames 

Main Street Galleria is proud to offer the best in displaying your best digital imagery spanning desktop digital photo frames to affordable digital video messaging and signage, digital video stands, racks and built-in walls.

Main Street Galleria and The Archive Factory are allying to bring this exciting 'new media' to small and medium businesses.


We are offering  low cost digital messaging - signage systems for retailers, business services, personal care, restaurants, corporate communications, product demonstrations, interactive information kiosks, and many other applications. 

Use 'common' workplace applications like Google® calendar, spreadsheets and word processing to create and update your own content and "feed it" into your state-of the-art digital messaging and signage.

We work with you to select the quality components to fit your needs and budget.


We'll get you started. Up and presenting in no time.
As part of  Main Street Galleria concierge service package we'll create a basic template for your organization and instruct your operators.


We keep costs down with open source software, small signage computers, local digital artisans, and off-the-shelf TVs.

For more demanding applications, we recommend commercial monitors and mounts which offer security and reliability in public installations.


Make an appointment today to talk with our Digital Video and Signage Pros
Email us:   or
Call us at: (612) 338- 3003

Digital Archiving

Digital Archiving is the process of  very high resolution digital image capturing of a two  dimensional object.

Main Street Galleria has partnered with The Archive Factory bringing professional, digital archiving services to the Skyway community of downtown Minneapolis.

It's Simple!

1. Bring your 'job' (e.g.  documents, photos) to Main Street Galleria located at Baker Center in the Minneapolis Skyway.

2. Tell us, what you need. We'll complete a Job Form, review it with you and place a copy in an MSG-Archive Factory Job Pouch along with your to-be-scanned materials.

3. An Archive Factory Technician will contact you within 48 hours to review the job specifications and your materials and answer any questions you may have at this stage.

4. Depending on the size and complexity of the job, you'll be able to pick up your finished archived materials and your originals
at Main Street Galleria within a few days. Typically, within a week.
We also offer packaging and drop shipping services.

That's it!   Done!



The Archive Factory specializes in the transfer of documents and images to digital formats.
We work with business, institutional clients, families and individuals providing not only transfer services but help organizing, annotating, re-purposing and preserving your collection.

An overview of common materials we transfer:

Originals of various media


Letter or legal, pamphlets
Loose, stapled or comb bound
Bound books
Historic and fragile documents
Photos of printed pages (for OCR)

Photographic Prints
Transmissives (slides, radiographs)
Posters and artwork



Main Street Galleria
733 Marquette Ave
Minneapolis Skyway  #205  Baker Center
Minneapolis, MN  55402

(612) 338-3003
⌛ Mon - Thu  10am - 5pm   Fri 10am - 4pm


Do you have a family photograph, document, rare artifact
or personal treasure you want to display, protect and preserve?
We can help. It's what we do!

Let us know!

Main Street Galleria

  • (612) 338 3003
  • 733 Marquette Ave
    Skyway - #205 Investors Building
    Minneapolis, MN 55402











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